Our mission is to provide the highest quality sophisticated tax and accounting services in an understandable manner and at a reasonable cost to the client.

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional accounting services that stimulate their growth, while facilitating their businesses and lives. We offer high quality services and our best resources for the benefit of our clients. Our work is performed under the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality. We create a relationship of mutual trust, in a pleasant working environment. Each of our partners commits the best of their abilities and skills for the financial benefit of our clients.

We are recognized as a creative and entrepreneurial firm. We compromise to give to those we represent all existing information on their potential tax solutions in the United States.


Our firm strives to provide a client-centric experience providing the level of advice and service required by our diverse client base. We recognize that not all clients are the same, rather than a cookie cutter approach to a client’s needs, we listen and then serve.

Our vision is to become an organization that increases the growth of our clients. We seek to achieve an escalation in joint development between our company and those we represent. We assist our clients in their goal of opening new paths in the United States.

Arazoza & Company,P.A. will always keep a watchful attitude on the security and knowledge our clients’ needs. We take into account market volatility, changes in regulations, and conflicts due to any differences in tax laws between countries.


The firm was founded in Miami FL in 1971 by Carlos Arazoza Sr., one of the first Cuban born Certified Public Accountants in the United States. Mr. Arazoza has always been the leader of our firm, with the memory of his vision and dedication to excellence guiding the company steadily forward.

Through the years we have evolved, and grown in size and expertise to better serve the needs of our clients and community.Most partners and several staff members today are part of the company since the mid-eighties, making us one of the most stable companies in the market.

Today, Carlos F. Arazoza, has continued the family legacy, leading the firm for more than 25 years. We are proud to have a staff of professionals drawing on many years of education and experience which have added to the enrichment of the service we can provide. While we are firmly grounded in the past, we are forward looking and on top of new developments and technologies to better serve those who need us. As we like to say, “over 40 years young”.


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